Cici’s Pizza guest experience survey

As we have started to depend on the internet for most of the shopping and restaurants as well, the number of restaurants has increased drastically and so as the competition between different restaurants. The most important thing for any restaurant is whether the customer was satisfied with the food and service or not. Customer satisfaction is the main factor that decides the success or failure of any restaurant.

Cici’s Pizza guest experience survey is an attempt by the chain to know what are there downfalls and what else needs to be improved. With the sort of technology that were equipped with today only takes around 2 minutes to fill up any survey. All we need is an electronic device that has access to internet. A little bit of your time can go a long way in helping the restaurant provide you better services the next time you visit them.

About Cici’s Pizza

Cici’s Pizza is one of the most reasonable chain all across the United States. It serves pasta, different types of pizzas, desserts and salads. It is an ‘all you can eat’ type of restaurant. It serves both buffet style and custom order pizzas. When you visit the store if you don’t see a pizza of your liking, then you can ask any person standing there and you will get any pizza that you might like to eat. Small change but today it has over 500 stores all across the United States. Its headquarters are stationed in Coppell.

Before the survey

  • Since it is a digital survey, one must have access to a phone or a laptop with internet access to be able to fill the survey.
  • This survey is only available in English and Spanish. So, one must know how to speak either English or Spanish in order to fil this survey
  • You must have the receipt of your last payment to the Cici’s Pizza containing an invitation for the survey.

Steps to take the survey

  1. Go to Cici’s Pizza official survey website.
  2. Select the language that you prefer.
  3. Enter the date of purchase that is printed on your receipt.
  4. A series of sample questions will now appear on your screen.
  5. Take your time in answer all these questions honestly.
  6. Write additional feedback in the text box provided on the screen.
  7. After answering all the questions you will receive validation code.
  8. Use this code to avail various offers during your next visit to Cici’s.
  9. You have now completed the survey.

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